Welcome to Droptine Archery

Droptine Archery is the latest to join the NFAA as a Commercial Indoor Range. They are located in Advance NC and w/ their 20 lane facility will be a great site for both secondary and state competitions. Contact information and a map link can be found on our Clubs page. Thanks for joining us and offering to host events!

What are your ideas for the NCFAA?

You don't have to be on the board to communicate with the NCFAA! We have a Facebook page and we want to hear your ideas and opinions there!


Congrats to the winners of the 2017 NCFAA Outdoor Field Championships. Check out the Results. The Outdoor Records have also been updated.

Results are posted on this site on our Results page. Big Buck Archery and DCWC's field archery shoot results also will be posted on ShootArchery.com.

To keep up with NCFAA news, follow our Google Groups site. To be added to the group, just send email to Joe Rozmus.You can also follow us at Facebook


This page last updated 09/10/2017